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Health and Safety, legal compliance

We will work with the local teams and ensure, via mechanics such as utilisation of Clifton reporting, that health and safety standard and practices are adhered to and in line with local and EU legislation.

Works Council and Unions

We work carefully and tactfully with various Unions and Works Councils across the EU. We are experienced managers of message and execute what we set out to achieve with the least disruption.


RoundApple works to ensure all insurance needs, from the esoteric to mundane, are met and are met at the best price with the greatest coverage. John Davies, our insurance advisor, is world-class in his field and knows all markets from D&O through to terrorism.

Company Secretarial

RoundApple will ensure that a company’s affairs comply with local and where applicable EU law. This will be overlaid with any tax driven processes that often require specific actions in specific locations.

Tax and Accounting

We can work with auditors across all jurisdictions to ensure accounts are satisfactorarily prepared, including any consolidation work required.


Where required and appropriate, RoundApple can provide Directors.

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